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Associate in Applied Science Degree

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Business Administration Systems

Business Administration Systems - Accounting Track
Business Administration Systems - Finance Track
Business Administration Systems - Hospitality Management Track
Business Administration Systems - Human Resource Management Track
Business Administration Systems - Informatics Track
Business Administration Systems - Management Track
Business Administration Systems - Office Systems Track
Business Administration Systems - Real Estate Management Track 
Business Administration Systems - Telecommunication Systems Management Track
Business Administration Systems - Turf Grass/Landscaping Management Track


Computer & Information Technologies:

Computer & Information Technologies - Applications Track
Computer & Information Technologies - Computer Science Track 
Computer & Information Technologies - Information Security Track
Computer & Information Technologies - Internet Technologies Track
Computer & Information Technologies - Network Administration Track
Computer & Information Technologies - Networking Technologies Track
Computer & Information Technologies - Programming Track


Criminal Justice:

Criminal Justice - Criminal Justice Track
Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Track
Criminal Justice - Security and Loss Prevention Track


Energy Management

Energy Management - Energy Management Track


General Occupational/Technical Studies:

Occupational/Technical Studies – Occupational/Technical Studies Track 


Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology - General Track 
(Practicums are arranged on-site in student vicinity)


Human Services

Human Services - Human Services Track


Information Management & Design

Information Management & Design - Library Information Technology Track 


Logistics & Operations Management

Logistics & Operations Management - General Track


Marine Technology

Marine Technology - Marine Logistics Operations Track
Marine Technology - Wheelhouse Management Track


Medical Information Technology

Medical Information Technology – Medical Administrative Track
Medical Information Technology – Medical Coding Track 
Medical Information Technology – Electronic Medical Records Track 
Medical Information Technology – Medical Transcription Track 
Medical Information Technology – Medical Office Management Track


Office System Technology

Office Systems Technology – Administrative Track 
Office Systems Technology – Financial Assistant Track 
Office Systems Technology – Desktop Publishing Track 


Paralegal Technology

Paralegal Technology - Paralegal Technology Track


Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems - Quality Management Systems Track