SCC Reader's Theatre Company Plans Production of Short Plays

Sometimes people will go to great lengths to get what they want and that is the focus of the often comic and occasionally poignant short plays presented by the Somerset Community College Reader’s Theatre Company to be held on Friday, September 27 at 8:00 p.m. The performance will take place in SCC’s Stoner Little Theatre, located on the SCC Somerset Campus at 808 Monticello Street in Somerset. Admission is free.


The evening begins with Drinks With Charles by Jim Gordon. John Alexander plays Charles Fleming, an investment advisor with a “can’t fail” scheme to make money. In response to an invitation to a small gathering by Sara, one of his clients, Charles has visions of even greater wealth building. But the ladies have some plans of their own. Katie Lowe portrays Sara, with Caitlyn Wheeler playing Helen, Dana Floro taking the role of Barbara, and Kimberly McClendon as the Narrator in this entertaining tale filled with twists and turns.


In Jim Gordon’s The Kindness of Strangers, a trusting widow named Helen causes a scam artist great frustration as he gets tiny pieces of personal financial information from her during a phone call. Misty Gibson plays Helen, the cheerful and talkative victim. Will Helen catch on in time to prevent her own identity theft? Or will the con artist just give up?


Katie Lowe plays Hilda, a home care aide, in Grace Rudolph’s Enid Murphy’s Eyes and Ears on the World. Hilda tries everything she can think of to bring Enid Murphy, as played by Pam Bowman, out of her depression. From telling outrageous tales of gossip to threats, Hilda’s efforts are met with a stubborn determination on Enid’s part to not move from her chair in a dark corner of her living room. Will anything get Enid to start participating in her own life again?


The evening concludes with Kung Foolery by Brett Hursey. Karly and Barry are a young couple anticipating the arrival of Karly’s mother, Susan. Barry, played by Nicholas Kidd, is convinced his mother-in-law is evil incarnate, while Karly, played by Alyssa Burrows, tries to make Barry see reason and perhaps grow up a little. Susan Elmore plays Lois, Karly’s mother and the target of Barry’s barbs.


Cheyenne Willis serves as stage manager, Audra Tomlinson is the light and sound board operator, and Sherry Crabtree is the Reader’s Theatre Company director for this evening of short plays that tackle various problems with humor and determination. For more information contact Sherry Crabtree by phone at (606) 451-6766 or email at