Transfer Scholarships

University of Kentucky

Trustees Scholarship for Transfer Students

The Trustees Scholarship is an initiative designed to increase the number of student transferring to UK from the state's community and technical colleges.

  • Currently enrolled KCTCS students who earn their Associate's Degree with a 3.5 cumulative GPA after the spring term and transfer to UK for the fall term are eligible to compete for a limited number of two-year renewable awards which cover the difference between UK tuition and KCTCS tuition.
  • Currently enrolled KCTCS students with 48 hours after the spring semester (with at least 24 earned at KCTCS) and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3, who are not receiving the above award, are eligible to compete for a limited number of $4,000 scholarships, payable as $2,000 per year for up to two years.
  • All other transfer students with a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA, who are currently enrolled at an accredited institution and have 24 hours by the end of the spring term, are eligible to compete for a limited number of $1,000 non-renewable awards.

Applicants are required to submit an application to the UK Office of Academic Scholarships. For more info:

Eastern Kentucky University

Transfer Scholars

KCTCS students are eligible for a new scholarship. Each grant is valued up to $1,656 undergraduate tuition and will be renewable for up to six consecutive semesters.


  • Transfer from a KCTCS institution
  • Have completed a total of at least 36 hours of course work at
    a KCTCS institution
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 on all postsecondary
    work at the time of transfer


  • Must complete a FAFSA
  • Must maintain a GPA of 3.0
  • Remain a full-time student in good standing with satisfactory
    academic progress
  • Maintain required minimum eligibility for all awarded federal, state, and institutional grants

To qualify

  • Students must submit an Admission Application to EKU by the Deadlines specified below 
    • Spring Semester: October 15
    • Fall Semester: May 15

    For more information:

    University of Louisville

    KCTCS Academic Transfer Scholarship

    Students transferring to the University of Louisville directly from a KCTCS institution may be eligible to apply for the KCTCS Academic Transfer Scholarships. In order to apply, students must:

    • Have 40 or more transferable hours at the end of the spring semester. (The 40 transferable hours cannot include developmental coursework).
    • Have a 3.25 transferable GPA at the end of the spring semester. (The transferable GPA cannot include developmental or technical coursework).
    • Plan to enter the University of Louisville for the summer or fall semester.
    • Complete an application for admission to the University of Louisville by March 15.
    • Turn in final transcripts by May 30.

    Students may apply if they currently do not have a 3.25 transferable GPA or 40 transferable hours but anticipate they will at the end of the Spring semester. Awards are merit based and typically range from $500 to $3000 per year. All eligible students will be awarded.

    For more information: or visit:

    Morehead State University

    KCTCS Transfer Scholarship

    Value: Recipients pay equivalent to 12 hours KCTCS tuition instead of MSU tuition rate. (Can receive it in Fall or Spring)

    Minimum criteria for consideration:

    • Be admitted to MSU as a transfer student from any institution in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS)
    • Last school attended -  KCTCS (could have previously attend MSU)
    • Have completed at least 36 semester hours of college coursework with a cumulative 3.5 GPA
    • Renewable for up to 6 consecutive semesters
    • Must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA

    For more information: or (800) 585-6781

    Northern Kentucky University

    KCTCS Scholarship

    KCTCS students transferring to NKU may be eligible to receive awards in the combined total amount of $2,000 per academic year ($1,000 award for fall, $1,000 award for spring).

    To receive the 2009/2010 KCTCS Scholarship, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Submit a KCTCS Scholarship application and official transcripts by deadline (visit for information)
    • Minimum of 36 credit hours from a KCTCS institution and minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.
    • May never have been previously enrolled at NKU as a degree seeking student.
    • Be a KY resident and last attended a KCTCS institution
    • The KCTCS Scholarship is competitive. Students with a higher GPA and greater number of hours completed will improve their eligibility for this award.
    • This award is renewable for up to 3 consecutive academic years (6 semesters beginning the semester of offer and enrollment) by maintaining the following conditions:
      • Have a declared academic major.
      • Remain in good academic standing, as defined by the Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines used for financial assistance awarded at NKU.
      • Must complete 24 semester hours during each prior academic year (12 hours for fall and 12 hours for spring).

      For more information: please contact the Office of Admissions at (859) 572-5220 or (800) 637-9948 or visit:

      Campbellsville University

      offers a transfer scholarship for all transfer students. The scholarship is automatic and renewable. Renewable annually with required GPA of 3.0. GPA will be calculated on the last college attended.

      For transfer students from accredited colleges:

      • Students with 2.0-2.499 GPA = $3,000
      • Students with 2.5-3.499 GPA = $4,000
      • Students with 3.5-4.0 GPA = $5,000

      For more information: see the financial aid page on the website