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The Transfer Center offers:

  • Individual advising: Meet one-on-one to help you develop an Individual Transfer Success Plan. Schedule your own advising appointment.
  • Email Advising: Can't get to MCTC during regular business hours? You can email us to develop a transfer plan.
  • Information: We know it-or we can track it down for you. Course equivalencies, scholarships, calculating your GPA, prerequisites, application requirements, majors, and much more!
  • Inspiration: Wondering if you should even think about a bachelor's degree? We can tell you what it takes - and encourage you in the process! 
  • Events: Learn more about the possibilities at our Transfer Center Events, which include a statewide Transfer Fair, a Transfer Week, visits from four-year institutions, and much more!

MCTC students who earn their Associate Degree before transfer are more likely to earn their Bachelor's Degree!

MCTC Equivalency Table

Students can view transfer equivalency data established for Kentucky public post-secondary schools. This information is not all-encompassing and will be updated regularly as curriculum changes.