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Satisfactory Academic Progress FAQs

New Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy for Federal Student Aid

In order to receive federal student aid, students must make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree. As required by federal regulations effective July 1, 2011, All KCTCS College have amended their SAP Policy.

Why is there a change to the SAP requirements?

In an effort to ensure program integrity at higher education institutions, the U.S. government approved new legislation which changed SAP requirements. Effective July 1, 2011, colleges and universities across the nation must update their SAP policies to comply with federal regulation.

What changes will KCTCS Colleges make to SAP their Policy?

The following is a summary of the changes made to the KCTC SAP Policy. To view the entire SAP Policy, visit our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy page.
  • Undergraduate students pursuing an Associate Degree have a new Maximum Timeframe requirement, called "pace progression".
  • Students will no longer be offered a PRB1 and PRB2 status.
  • If a student is assigned an Unsatisfactory SAP status, the student may appeal. However, new appeal guidelines are much more restrictive. Students who successfully appeal will also be required to meet certain conditions in order to maintain satisfactory academic progress. For more information, visit our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy page.

Where can I view my current SAP status?

Students can view their SAP status at Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy page.

Where can I view my attempted hours, earned hours, and my cumulative GPA?

Students can view their attempted hours, earned hours, and cumulative GPA on their Unofficial Transcript.

To calculate their completion rate (67% Rule), students can divide their cumulative earned hours by their cumulative attempted hours. For example, an undergraduate student with 50 earned hours and 100 attempted hours would have a completion rate of 50% (50 divided by 100 = 0.50). Because the student's completion rate falls below 67%, the student would not meet the completion rate (67% Rule) requirement.

What part of my academic history is reviewed when evaluating SAP requirements?

A student’s entire (cumulative) academic history is reviewed. This includes transfer credits from other colleges.

How does dropping a class or withdrawing from all classes during a term affect SAP?

Dropping a course or withdrawing from all of your courses after the end of the 100 percent refund period will result in a W grade on the student’s transcript for that term. This will negatively affect the student's completion rate (67% Rule). Students are always encouraged to speak with both an Academic Advisor and the Office of Financial Aid prior to dropping a course or withdrawing from all their classes.

Does my SAP status at my current KCTCS College transfer to other KCTCS colleges?

Yes. A student's SAP status at any KCTCS college will transfer to any other school. Students who do not meet one KCTCS college SAP requirements are ineligible for federal student aid all KCTCS colleges.

If I am re-admitted to a KCTCS college under the Academic Bankruptcy Policy, how is my SAP status determined?

KCTCS Academic Bankruptcy policy does not remove courses from the student’s permanent financial aid records. Federal regulations do not recognize academic forgiveness programs. Therefore, the student's entire academic history (everything on the student's permanent financial aid record) will be evaluated to ensure the student has met SAP requirements.

How do I appeal my SAP status?

Students who fail to meet SAP requirements due to extenuating circumstances may appeal their SAP status by submitting a SAP Appeal Request Form, Academic Plan of Action Form and required supporting documentation to the Office of Financial Aid.  For more information, visit our Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals page.

Who reviews SAP appeals at KCTCS Colleges?

The “Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee”. The college Financial Aid Offices coordinates all transactions between the College SAP Appeals Committee and students. The individual college Financial Offices, College Financial Aid Directors or Financial aid staff members DO NOT evaluate nor determine SAP appeal outcome.

What happens if my SAP appeal is approved?

Students who successfully appeal an Unsatisfactory SAP status will be assigned a Financial Aid Probation SAP status with certain conditions as stipulated in an “ACADEMIC PLAN/CONTRACT”. Once the contract is accepted, s/he can receive financial aid for only one additional term. After that one term has ended and grades have posted, the Office of Financial Aid will re-evaluate the student's academic plan and determine if the student has met SAP requirements as identified in the student’s academic plan.

For example, a student with extenuating circumstances successfully appeals his/her Unsatisfactory SAP status with the College SAP Appeals Committee at the end of Fall term. As a result, the Office of Financial Aid changes the student's SAP status to Financial Aid Probation and awards federal student aid for next (Spring) term only. At the end when the Spring grades have posted, the Office of Financial Aid will re-evaluate the student's academic plan/contract to determine if SAP requirements have now been met or where met according to the student’s academic plan/contract. Federal student aid for the student next term will not be awarded or disbursed until the student has successfully completed all terms specified within the academic plan/contract for the term or the Office of Financial Aid has re-evaluated the student's academic history, and the student is found to have met SAP requirements.

What options do I have if I decide not to appeal my Unsatisfactory SAP status or if my SAP appeal is denied?

Students with an Unsatisfactory SAP status, “SUSPEND” are ineligible for federal student aid at any KCTCS college. Students will remain ineligible for federal student aid unless they successfully appeal or until their academic record is once again in compliance with the SAP Policy. Students who are ineligible for federal student aid may continue to attend any KCTCS college at their own expense and being liable for all educational costs.