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Versailles, Ky. — Beginning this fall, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) will offer a free dual credit class to Kentucky public high school juniors, allowing them to earn high school and college credit at the same time.


Versailles, Ky. — Although the Fourth of July is a time for fun and celebration, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System’s (KCTCS) Kentucky Fire Commission encourages everyone to carefully follow instructions when celebrating with fireworks.


Versailles, Ky. - The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) Board of Regents approved the 2016-22 KCTCS Strategic Plan and a $9 per student credit hour tuition increase for in-state students during its quarterly meeting today at Maysville Community and Technical College. The tuition rate follows the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education's (CPE) tuition setting guidelines.


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As the largest provider of post-secondary education and workforce
training in the state,
the Kentucky Community and Technical College System is a proud partner of the
shaping our Appalachian region initiative.
Hi, I'm Jay box, president of KCTCS and with 16 colleges and more than 70
campuses across the Commonwealth, our system wide network of colleges touches
every community in Kentucky and it's responsive to the needs of our state's
students, business and industry leaders. In fact five of our colleges
Ashland, Big Sandy, Hazard, Somerset and Southeast Kentucky just so happen to
operate within the SOAR region. They have served more than a hundred and ten
thousand first-generation college students since 2008 and awarded more
than forty one thousand degrees and credentials
since 2010. Working with SOAR
we're ready to help pave the way for innovation across Eastern Kentucky by
connecting people with opportunities through programs focused on community
development, entrepreneurship, fiber optics, information technology and more
our mission has always been and will always be the same, to improve the lives
and employability of Kentuckians. So we welcome you to be a part of KCTCS where
we can help you learn to SOAR
hello I'm Devin Stephenson president and CEO of Big Sandy Community and Technical
College and the SOAR liaison for the kentucky community and technical college
system. Leaders, especially entrepreneurial leaders see
opportunities before they become obvious to others.
the Community and Technical College's of the SOAR region are on the front lines
of transformation. In workforce, community and Economic Development. We are creating
new and innovative career pathways and evaluating existing programs and
curriculum to align with the needs of business and industry. As we continue on
this journey of regional transformation we must work collaboratively within a
unified vision with purpose resolve and tenacity to transform our region one
person one opportunity at a time.
That's why we are a proud partner of the SOAR initiative. At ashland Community and
Technical College students have the opportunity to train using
state-of-the-art equipment with alternative energy.
This was made possible through a grant by kentucky power.
We're trying to stay current with what's happening nationwide I think we've seen
a lot of solar systems being installed on structures, commercial buildings, a
lot of industrial buildings in this area to as well and a lot of private home
owners are also going that with that way as well.
AP has given several grants to the college and two of which were for the
alternative energy
you can see the trainer in the background which was about a
fifty-thousand-dollar trainer and allow the students to be able to understand
how that the voltage is going across the circuit, how the circuit works, house
transfer from AC to DC, in addition we had an a grant given before for a
hundred-foot wind turbine tower and that turbine is actually out in across from
school. Being able to go out in the field and then coming in here working on the
trainer's well tell her prospective students i said look you know you're not
just the old hands on, turn a screwdriver, strip a wiretap electrician anymore.This
is a high tech field and it's going to continue to get more high-tech, with
trainers like this and and technology that requires a a much smarter electrician.
There's future in fiber. Through the efforts of Kentucky Wired and an
innovative public-private partnership, Eastern Kentucky will be home to a
robust fiber network that will open our mountains and valleys to the global
economy .
Big Sandy Community and Technical College started its fiber optic training
program in the summer of two thousand fifteen to address the demand to find
qualified workers for the installation and maintenance of the Kentucky I
highway network.
We have people coming from at least 13 states to Pikeville for training. We
really believe in the FOA certification that's fiber optics Association
sanctioned. It is definitely spurring entrepreneurship in our community and jobs.
Broadband and fiber is is going to be a catalyst for entrepreneurship and the
ability to grow small businesses and do businesses globally.
It's important that we have the capabilities to do business anywhere in the world.
Our small businesses in our area make up the largest portion of our local economy
given that the coal industry is down.
We have students that are currently laid-off coal miners that are working
on the east coast now all the way from New York to Florida doing broadband
technology that we also have some local laid off coal miners that are working
right here in Eastern Kentucky and they're there are earning really top
wages definitely comparable to that in the coal industry.
It's so important that we be that catalyst that brings new jobs to Eastern
Kentucky. Big Sandy Community and Technical College will break ground of
the state's first advanced technology center on its Pikeville campus
the building was made possible by more than 3.2 million dollars in grants by
the economic development agency, appalachian and regional commission, and
Community Development Block Grant. The facility will be home to a broadband
technology associate degree program,
the first of its kind in Kentucky. Hazard Community and Technical College has
attracted national attention with its alignment program through a
collaboration with Kentucky Power and American Electric Power,
the program has provided a career pathway for dislocated workers. Hazard
Community and Technical College is striving to become a driver of economic
diversification in the southeast Kentucky region. One of our programs that
has had much success is their electrical lineman training program. That program
recently won the community colleges of Appalachian outstanding work force
development award.
We have had 117 completers and we've completed six training classes. That
program began as a collaborative partnership between HCTC, business and
industry, and Eastern Kentucky concentrated Employment Program their
local web. We got together and we looked at the situation we were in, which was
thousands of mining jobs lost in the area.
We looked at what types of jobs were available
where were their vacancies and what types of jobs would allow for a
comparable wage to what folks were used to making in the mines. We have so many
people who have been laid off who are coming back to training to learn new
skills, to learn 21st century skills, and we can do that and we can bring our
region back up and I think there's so many opportunities for the southeast
Kentucky region. At Somerset Community College
they have launched a Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing education
This partnership of regional manufacturers is paving the way for dual
track apprenticeship style training that will provide a pipeline for highly
skilled workers for business and industry. One of the struggles that we
as manufacturers have as finding skilled trades and it's estimated about twenty
twenty there will be a shortage of machine maintenance technicians of
around 2 million people and so it's very difficult right now to recruit
and to retain machine maintenance technicians. Incredible program, I mean
prior to this program i don't think any of us understood what we were going
to do and we all use the same tactic to go out and try to secure resources and
it was just there just weren't there.
The program is basically going to build that pipeline of skilled trade
individuals as we move forward. I'm learning electricity, hydraulics, robotics,
PLC's and with this information
you know I have a very good job you know for many years.
Manufacturing is very competitive, it's very clean, it's very safe, it's a
different career than it was 40 years ago and so to get that message to the
families and start to steer more students towards that career I think
it's very important.
Going to school learning at the same time. High-paying job
sounds like a good choice for me. At Southeast Kentucky Community and
Technical College, they are positioning themselves to handle the increasing
needs of the region they serve. With the Allied Health and Technical programs
expanding rapidly, Southeast is helping to fill the void of skilled laborers.
The nursing program is so important to this area in this region because the
need for nurses. Right now we are going to need over 500,000 new nurses within
just the next few years and we need to provide the best health care possible
to all of the area to the people within this region and throughout the state and
the Commonwealth and the united states. They can work any place they want to so
this is a wonderful opportunity for our students. In the industrial technology
division we gotta 11 different programs available to us and we're specifically
trying to train the students to go to work.
The local economy benefits greatly from the
different training programs we have available because it gives them a pool
of qualified employees to bring into work and have them just job ready as
they enter as opposed to the training . that's usually required for a new
you know, not qualified. And starting this fall Southeast Kentucky Community and
Technical College will take another leap into the future with the beginning of a
new certificate program to train fiber optic technicians. Shaping our
Appalachian region presents opportunities for us to impact the
generation of learners, opportunity seekers, entrepreneurs, trade workers,
scholars, and leaders that will impact our region now and for generations to
Join us and together
we will SOAR.