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Withdrawal Policy

From the end of the drop/add period through the official midterm date for that course, a student at his or her own discretion may withdraw from the course and receive a “W”. From the first day after midterm until the last day of course work of the session, a student may, at the instructor’s discretion, withdraw from a course, and the instructor may assign a grade of “W”.  Please read your course syllabus for your instructor’s withdrawal policy after mid-term. The student must initiate the official withdrawal.

If you are taking online classes via another KCTCS college you may email your instructor and request permission to withdraw.  If the instructor approves, print off the email and that will serve as their signature. You may also forward the email from the instructor to Student Records Office and request to drop the class via your student email account.

A drop/add form may be obtained in the Somerset or Laurel Student Records Office or at our centers in Clinton, Russell, Casey or McCreary. The drop/add form must be submitted with the appropriate signature in order for you to be withdrawn from a class.

It is advisable to check with Financial Aid for potential consequences of withdrawing.