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Information Technology: Web Development and Administration

The Web Development and Administration option provides training in designing, developing, and managing a web site from both a hardware and software perspective. This option prepares students for careers as web site developers, webmasters, and web administrators.
A capstone class in web site implementation encompasses all facets of the program of study and provides experience and a job portfolio. This curriculum is supported by a solid foundation of core courses that focus on problem solving and communication skills for information technology professionals.

What can I do with this degree?

This option will prepare students for careers as web site developers, web masters, and web administrators.

When and How do I get started with this degree?

Check out SCC News & Events to find out when class terms and enrollment begins. For more information on becoming a student at SCC follow our Admissions Checklist for becoming a student at SCC.

Student Responsibilities

In addition to tuition, students are responsible for books and supplies. Any student seeking financial assistance should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Curriculum Requirements (pdf)


Program offered at the Somerset Campus. Some classes offered at the Laurel Campus. Please contact the program coordinator for more information.


Pam Bridgman
Program Coordinator
606 451-6770

Gary Cunningham
Instructor-Computer Information
606 451-6682