Community Education Classes

Community education offers lifelong learning opportunities through classes and workshops for the general public for skill development and personal enrichment.


We are partnered with ed2go for a variety of online courses.  You may click the icon below to go to our ed2go catalog for a list of online courses.

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Upcoming Community Education classroom classes which are not ed2go (click the link to see a list of current classes and to register online):

Are you interested in learning to play a string instrument?  Guitar, violin, banjo?  If it has strings, you can learn to play it!  What about songwriting?  Do you have that #1 single just waiting to be released?   If either of these are the case, please join us!

Local professional musician Larry Ford is teaching these upcoming classes.   The classes are scheduled as follows:

String Instruments - This is a 5-week class - Nov. 4 thru Dec. 2, 2014 - Tuesdays - $65

Songwriting - This is a 5-week class - Nov. 6 thru Dec. 11, 2014 - Thursdays (except Thanksgiving) - $65

Classes will be held in Building #3 on SCC's Somerset Campus South.

If sufficient interest is expressed, other 5-week segments of one or both the classes will be offered.

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