Student Commons Building


August 5, 2014

Summer Term 12-wk and 8-wk end of class work

All locations
August 6, 2014

Summer Term 12-wk and 8-wk final exam week

All locations
August 18-19 2014

Fall Term 16-wk and 8-wk class work begins

All locations


Welcome back to SCC.

Thank you for your continued support of Somerset Community College. We're extremely proud of the success of our alumni and their dedication to furthering the mission of this important educational and community resource.

SCC is a lifetime educational resources. Check out our current Adult Education and Community Education classes in subjects as diverse as watercolor painting, strength training, plumbing, and computing for seniors. Learn what's new on campus, how you can benefit from career and adult education services, and how you can give back to SCC: